Sınav Temelli Eğitim

"Examination-oriented education imposes too much pressure on students," said Tao Hongkai, a sociology professor at Central China Normal University. Tao, who has decades of experience in high school education in the United States, directs the university's quality education research center. "Students feel some courses are difficult to learn, and the knowledge they grasp isn't useful in real life. They lose interest, which leads to dropouts."


"Examination-oriented education opens the doors to hell," he wrote. "The teaching methods teachers use are the cramming method, spoon feeding method."

He added: "Students memorize and examination scores are closely related to how much time has been spent on the course. China's schools teach their students nothing, what these schools are best at is making students lose interest and hate their studies." [1]
China'yi cikar, Turkiye'yi koy; hicbir sey farketmiyor. Makalenin gerisi de faydali, okunmali.

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